1 All restaurants will be Taco Bell
2 All Food will be in Burger form
3 All restaurants will be automated food creation/dispensal robots
5 Play = E-Gas . Work = Corporin
6 The only show on holovision will be Drunken Owl Graduate in which a scholorly owl will tumble back and forth in a loop and say, "Whee! I'm Drunk!" with a small sign in the background that says "0.000000000001% Alcohol". Drunken Owl Graduate's alter sober ego is Sugar Loaf but it is never seen. Sugar Loaf is known to say, "I'm Sugar Loaf and I'll do what I want!"
7 Death of the Bizarre: Due to computer augmentation things that were once bizarre and rare will become commonplace and things that were once commonplace will become bizarre. For example it will become perfectly normal for a micro paralysis-pellet to be shot from several meters away and ricochet 90 times in a sophisticated dance before hitting its target, but a clean shot will be almost unheard of.
8 At night robot pet animals will switch off their music, speech, and emotion sensors and come under government control and prowl in search of anyone disobeying the law and certain fugitives
9 Lucky Charms will contain 32 distinct marshmallow shapes, which will be catalogued on the back of the box. To accommodate, most of the non-marshmallow cereal has been taken out.
10 The only form of currency used will be American quarters. All transactions over $20 will be in credit-ether.