Kuler Dataset Explorations

Work for Stamen Design and Adobe Kuler.


A 3-dimensional browser and data research tool; Slicer allows inspection of user submitted color palettes in the time, hue, saturation and brighness dimensions. Search breadth can also be attenuated such that more or less palettes are shown for a given time.

Kuler Slicer.png

Infographic Designs

Static visualizations of the colors used. binned by “base” color, top countries, and seasons. These were output as PDFs with the intent to produce posters or other printed material.

Kulers Fermat 2007 BaseColor.png
Kulers Fermat 2007 WholeWorld.png
Kulers Fermat 2007 Top4 Countries.png
Kulers Fermat 2007 Top16 Countries.png
Kulers World 2007 Top9 Countries.png
Kulers World 2007 Top100 Countries.png
Kulers Fermat 2007 Seasons.png